Super-size Tee

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As we move towards T-shirt weather you may be stocking up on the inevitable summer tops. Try updating your silhouette by buying your T-shirts one size larger and pairing with slim jeans. Playing with proportion in this way instantly makes a simple T and jeans combo look more interesting and de jour.

The oversized T has been around for girls for some time but looks equally cool on boys. If you’re brave (and have the biceps) you could even cut the sleeves out or buy a long vest, a look pioneered by androgynous style icon Kim Ann Foxman of Hercules & Love Affair. The ACNE T-shirts we mentioned last week would be ideal, the jersey providing some classy draping, or you could go the designer route with Damir Doma’s oversized T at OkiNi. As a last thought, summon up the spirit of early 80s post-punk with a vintage (or faux vintage) band T-shirt for that Williamsburg vibe.

Left, jersey deep arm-hole vest by ACNE from ASOS, Right, T-shirt by Damir Doma from OkiNi