Boutique of the week: Goodhood

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London has a definite lack of men only boutiques in comparison to, say, New York, so a few mixed places are bound to creep in. Nevertheless what Goodhood has on offer for the boys is, well, good. Nestled on a sidestreet off Hoxton Square Goodhood has a very urban vibe. Streetwear and city essentials are the mainstay. Graphics are strong – not surprisingly seeing as co-owner Kyle Stewart is a graphic designer (check last week’s TimeOut for a Valentine themed piece on Kyle and partner Jo Sindle). Stand out pieces on my visit were newly arrived nautical striped tops by Wood Wood in cotton jersey and fantastic hunting themed shirts and jackets by Unrivaled.

For those of you who can’t make it to Shoreditch in your lunch hour, they also have a fine website. Newly added feature A Little Knowledge appeals to the ‘garm obsessed’ giving the lowdown on what makes key pieces like their upscale denim so essential. I also love the Shop Style area featuring pics of everyday visitors to the store. So, a place to drop by whether you’re in the ‘hood’ in person or visiting virtually.

Items: Bottom left and centre Wood Wood, top and bottom right Unrivaled

Goodhood – 41 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD