Neckerchiefs: turning up everywhere

Colin Chapman Accessories Leave a Comment

We’ve posted about kerchiefs before, but now a definite trend seems to be developing. Along the way they’ve become ‘officially’ known as Neckerchiefs, just in case you were in any doubt as to their use. Two different Sartorialist snaps featured them this week, whilst proto-Boho Paul Kinsey in BBC Four’s Mad Men wore one in episode 2, perhaps to indicate his advancing bohemianism (along with the pipe).

Sure enough, ASOS are on the button with a selection online – an absolute snip at £4 each. It’s the details that count and at that price you could buy the lot and style up a whole range of options this summer: from open necked denim shirts (a la Mr Sart here) to stripey matelot tops and simple T-shirts. To my mind the polka dot option is the most stylish of the ASOS lot (shown here), very 1950s weekending on the Riviera. I’d forget the pipe though, some things were meant to die out.

L top: Mad Men on BBC Four, L bottom: ASOS, R: The Sartorialist