Baggy trousers: the return of pleated pants

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Fashion, as we know, goes in cycles. Thus, after a good few years of thigh-constriction thanks to the skinny jean, the newest shapes for men’s trousers this Spring seem to be all about giving us space to breathe. Whether carrot, balloon, wide-leg or harem the look from waist down is all about having some extra fabric to move in.

A quick scan of East London thoroughfares over the weekend (admittedly at the end of Fashion Week there was always likely to have been some ‘shapeshifters’ about) showed lots going on with pants shapes. One option is the pleated pant, which started to gather popularity last summer but has definitely now arrived.

Haversack have a couple of options over at OkiNi; verging on period costume, the high-waisted trousers define the waist (a great incentive if you’ve winter weight to lose!) whilst draping the legs and gathering loosely at the ankle. Very Chariots of Fire, these would look great with a simple white T-shirt or a cricket sweater. A budget alternative is Uniqlos pleated chinos, which seem to be forever on sale and in and out of stock. Again, team with something simple like a classic grey marl sweatshirt and basic Converse and you have a look which is both classic and now.

Items: Left and centre, Haversack from OkiNi, Right Uniqlo

By Colin Chapman | February 23rd, 2009

  • poppy112

    バーバリーバッグが製造する上質な革バッグ、バーバリーシャツを、メーカー直販価格でお届けいたします。お求めやすい価格で、バーバリーアウトレットはさまざま高級商品を備えます。バーバリーバッグ や女性向けの可愛いバーバリー財布など手作り革製品のオンラインショップです。全品送料無料で非常にやすいです。

    みなさんは、バーバリーアウトレット 、と言われた時、どのようなイメージが思い浮かぶでしょうか。
    バーバリーのバーバリー財布 とは、その集団を表す象徴と言っても過言ではありません。
    しかし、そのようなバーバリーシャツ を、自分達だけで作れるでしょうか。