YMC’s snake-effect deck shoes: a new twist on old faithful

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ymc0087gry_M1.jpgThe predicted standoff between desert boot and deck shoe as Spring/Summer shoe of choice has yet to be seen. To my mind the deck shoe would win anyhow – it actually looks better as it gets battered with age and can be worn with thick socks on chilly days or show off a tanned ankle on others. So, it may be (at least) the second S/S we’ve seen the preppy choice of footwear but there’s no sign of them disappearing on the street.

And now YMC have created a sublime option – the snakeskin effect deck shoe. YMC have always had the touch with shoes and remain unaffected by trends, following a confident path that alway spells cool. Available from Liberty’s men’s shoe department or from OkiNi online. Incidentally, they’re snake-effect leather not real snakeskin – just in case you have reptile sympathies, or are just plain squeamish.