My Name Is Fashion

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The American Workman: a style born out of necessity. As the look transgresses into the fashion world some of this rough necessity is lost a replaced with sanitised styling but I say if you’re going to do a look do it all out, why be satisfied with anything less than 100%? Dress like an American Workman, warts and all and with this most utilitarian of looks you’ll have plenty of pocket space for all your tools (Blackberry and Oyster card) plus have you ever worn an oversized flannel shirt? Shit is coooommmmfffffffeeeeeeee.

So as the American Workman promises to hit fever pitch this season who do you want to look to as your style idol? Earl Hickey. Jason Lee’s character from My Name Is Earl has his shit together; check shirt and T-shirt, beat up worn jeans and work boots all working for him big time. As for accessories American light beer (can or bottle) occasional cigarette (soft pack of Lucky Strikes) and hot, blond, trailer loving ex-wife with 2 illegitimate kids- score. If you want to go all out, and I suggest you do, then you need to trade your car in for a beat up pick-up truck and some Creedence on tape, you never know it could be life affirming.

[Image: Wenn]