A Waste of Money or An Investment Piece? Dr. Martens 1461 Shoe

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drmartens1.jpgLast week I was in search for a pair of school shoes. Beginning with classic brogues, I sampled a pair of black loafers and sneakily tried on a pair of Paul Smith Jermyns (with glorious plum laces) before ending up with a pair of not-so-exciting pointed Topman lace-ups. Inspired by this bout of school-shoe shopping I ventured onto Oki-Ni and came across their Doc Martens. Floral. Striped. Coloured. Neon. But then I came across their 1461 shoe and couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

A shoe, in simple black leather, that was more than double the price but half as nice as many of the shoes I had seen the previous day. These Dr. Martens did not look worth their £70 price tag, especially in comparison to my £35 Topman shoes. Granted, the Dr. Martens are probably better quality and might last longer but, are they even that easy on the eye? I, for one, wouldn’t want to be seen in them.

Fashion is fickle, even in times of economic recession. See after the jump for my Top 5 Best on a Budget Smart Shoes.

m&ssmart.jpgMarks & Spencer is a gem when it comes to very straight-laced (an unavoidable pun!) smart shoes. These loafers are very Gucci-esque in their snaffle-feature design and in a polished black leather, they are perfect for any workplace. £65

riverisland.pngThe reworked brogue is an old favourite of high-street chains and this pair of shoes from River Island fits the bill perfectly. And they take you from work to play. £54.99

riverisland2 These are from River Island and they are smart yet simple. The striking laser-cut detailing means that your feet have an edge without making you look like fashion means too much to you. £79.99

topmanBottega Veneta is a luxury label famous for its woven detailing and as a result, these shoes are my ‘Fashion Insider’ buy. Anyone with an eye for fashion will think you are BOT (Bang On Trend) and those who don’t have the foggiest as to who Anna Wintour is simply don’t have a valid opinion when it comes to image anyway. £50

newlookThese are the most casual of all my shoe picks and the trainer/brogue-style is perfect for a more hip and relaxed workplace. £12