LA Times: Models, from subway to runway

Jonathan Smith Heroes and Celebrities Leave a Comment


The other day I was idly flicking through the Internet Uber Highway and I came across this LA Times interview with Matvey Lykov the hot new thing with a Y chromosome on the catwalks.

Lykov, someone who has gone from scrubbing toilets in NY to facing Jil Sanders’ Autumn 07 and Spring 08 campaign talks candidly about what goes on before and after some of the 34 biggest catwalk shows he has appeared in this year as well as the different treatment, pay and travel arrangements of the male and female models in the business. Lykov also talks about his own life, business sense and ambitions, giving great insight into one of the biggest faces as well as on the apparently hollow modelling scene this year.

This article is genuinely insightful, especially for those unfamiliar with the modelling scene as well as being well written and entertaining. If you can spare 5 minutes of your life to be enlightened then check it out here.