“Come to fix the taps?” Dare to wear: the boilersuit

Colin Chapman How to Leave a Comment

The latest Fantastic Man should be on the shelves of your favourite magazine seller anytime now (or available in advance exclusively from RD Franks). Amongst the many, many items of note is a boilersuit modelled by stylist Elgar Johnson. The boilersuit is one of those trends that, despite predictions, hasn’t taken off. Last summer APC had a gorgeous denim version (as derided/modelled by Alexis Petridis in The Guardian mag) whilst Adam Kimmel has this luxury version, again in denim. Nether were very prevalent on the street but maybe it’s second summer lucky for the coverall?

Elgar certainly shows off his boilersuit to great effect. Minimally styled with Reebok trainers, Uniqlo T and a tool bag, his simple look is clearly the way to go with the all-in-one. An eye-catching printed T-shirt visible through the unbuttoned-front, plain hi-top trainers and a top layer of oversized plaid shirt for warmth would be my suggestion. Worn with confidence, this could be a sexy, comfortable look .. try not to overstyle it though or you may end up looking like you’re on the way to a gay fetish night. So leave the mlutch at home!

Adam Kimmel denim boilersuit from The Corner, or unbranded from utility clothing suppliers everywhere.