Fade to grey: silver hair in the spotlight

Colin Chapman Grooming Leave a Comment

Aveda_Blue_malva.jpgSilver hair is having a moment. As seen on the runway at Calvin Klein and in their current advertising campaign, bleached cropped hair tinted subtle shades of grey-blue puts a new spin on the blue rinse. Equally of note, Aiden Shaw, poet, author, musician and sometime porn star looks incredible with his thick, naturally grey hair in the current Fantastic Man magazine.

Whether you’re a young whippersnapper who wants in on the silver action or have gone grey naturally, a violet-toned shampoo and conditioner is a must to make the most of your grey. The aim is not to out blue-rinse Mrs Slocombe but to tone down any brassiness (particularly if you’re also bleached) and add a subtle tone to make your grey hair something really exceptional. Best product? Aveda‘s Blue Malva Shampoo and Conditioner.