Brandish speaks to Fantastic Man’s Gert Jonkers pt2

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Here is part two of our interview with Fantastic Man Co-Editor In Chief Gert Jonkers, along with Jop van Bennekom they produce one of our favourite fashion mags, click here to read part one.

How do you think being from the Netherlands and basing the magazine in Amsterdam has influenced the magazine?
To develop and maintain our own tone of voice it surely helped to not be around all the other magazine makers. And just because we’re not in London, Paris or New York, I think we have quite an interesting perspective on the fashion world. We’re intrigued by fashion, yet we’re not completely drowning in it.

FM is infused with a dry sense of humour, do you and Jop have any favourite comedians?
I can’t think of any comedians that I really like year in year out. Humour is everywhere and not just on a standup-comedian’s stage. I remember laughing myself senseless watching This is Spinal Tap but that was years ago and who knows if I’d find it funny today?

Which are your favourite menswear brands at the moment, and what is the FM team wearing?
The Fantastic Man team is looking quite good recently, and actually quite uniform-y, which I like for work environments. There are a lot of good classic shoe days, and I see a lot of cashmere navy jumpers over shirts in white, light blue and/or checks. I myself enjoy the occasional tie although in a city as laid-back as Amsterdam a tie is considered quite stuck up. Hard to name favourite brands, but today I see some Jil Sander, Lacoste, Acne, COS, Red Wing, Hanes and Raf Simons being worn. Surprisingly no Ralph Lauren today.

How did the Charlie Porter’s appointment at FM come about?
We adore Charlie’s writings in which he shows a very personal approach to clothes and what else there’s to enjoy in life. Charlie is a big connoisseur of contemporary literature, he loves music and gardening. I also like to think of him as a a living fashion experiment, and he is completely himself in doing so. It’s a form of reporting that I love. And we asked him to join our team because good writing is an essential part of Fantastic Man.

Who, dead or alive, would you most like to interview?
Gram Parsons. I hear John Lennon was an absolute hoot to interview, so that would have been a good one. I regret not having spoken to Yves Saint Laurent. And what would a Q&A with Napoleon be like? I’d love to know.

Last of all, what is your favourite trashy thing?
Definitely alcohol.