Top Five: Will’s Summer Wants!

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Last summer I was down at Shiny Towers and the gloriously hot days were spent writing, chatting with my fellow Shinies, trying on Drop-Crotch jeans and touring the streets in search of aspirational street style. But despite all the joviality I didn’t quite anticipate the weather (although I refuse to take the blame for that one- when was the last time we had a proper summer?) and ended up the innocent victim of SSS (that’s Skinny jeans in Summer Syndrome.) This summer I am determined to get it right, which is why I have compiled this list of fashion needs (okay, wants.)

Thumbnail image for DSC00603.JPGb.JPG1. Lots of Extra-Hold Hairspray
Since Christmas and a happy accident haircut, I have been living with a bit of an 80s asymmetrical style. My super-thick hair means that I have to use extra-hold products which are effective but grease-free; the wet fro is never a good look! I will need lots of hairspray to combat the heat.

Picture 1.png2. American Apparel Over-sized Unisex Jumper
This one-size jumper is made in the uber-cool company’s ‘California Fleece’ and is lightweight without feeling too thin and trashy. Available in ‘Mouse Brown, Galaxy Blue, Almost Black and Fluorescent Red,’ this jumper couldn’t be more perfect for your summer holiday whether that includes city strolls or days at the beach.

Picture 2.png3. Tom Ford ‘Jack’ Sunglasses
Sunglasses can make you or break you once the summer has arrived and it helps to have multiple pairs because we all have a friend/relative/partner who finds it funny to try on your vintage sunglasses causing breakage. It’s not funny.

DSC00608.JPGd.JPG4. A Margiela-style Tee/Blazer
For the last two years this Rolling Stones t-shirt has been far too big and I haven’t even thought to do anything about it. But no more, my new Recessionisto ways (more to come on that front) mean that I cut the sleeves off and safety-lipped the waist for super-quick Margiela quirk.

00380m.jpg5. A Matching Waistcoat and Shorts Suit
This Band of Outsiders look has inspired me to look differently at summer formal dressing and I’m hoping that with an option like this, more and more men will ditch the hideous white linen suit. Will you?

Overall, the summer can be a hard season to dress up in. You don’t have the easy layering of winter or the restricted colour boundaries of autumn to stick to. The ability in spring to mix textures, fabrics and styles has disappeared with the heat and more often than not, many of us bail out with an easy tee and shorts look. But this summer, let’s not be afraid; going all out will get compliments and these compliments will be just what you’re needing when we all realise that the sun is never actually going to come out. Oh, Britain.