Out & About: Russell Brand at the G20 Summit, Jefferson Hack and Franz Ferdinand

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russell brand g20 city protester.jpg

Russell Brand was pictured today alongside protesters against the G20 summit outside the Bank of England the City of London. He told press: “I always come to these kind of things, I’m very interested. I am interested in learning and interested in why these people have come to this. I wonder what alternatives there are and I think it makes people cogent of them. I think it’s also very beautiful,” That’s a wonderful sentiment, but I just wish he’d get rid of the McQueen skull scarf! Jump through to see who else was out and about today.

jefferson hack franz ferdinand alex kapranos.jpg

Who knew Jefferson Hack and Alex Kapranos looked so similar? Squint a bit! Hack was dropping his daughter off at Kate Moss’ house (isn’t she supposed to be in New York for Topshop?) sporting a fine pair of beetlecrushers, the subtle way to rock a chunky sole.

Kapranos, performing at the Forum in Milan is supposedly clad in Christian Westphal, but when they said stage costumes I imagined Elvis in Vegas.