Waxed cotton is right now, but Belstaff or Barbour?

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Belstaff_Barbour.jpgThe waxed cotton jacket emerged as a serious fashion proposition a few years ago now, but there are lots on the streets again and who can wonder? Light enough for you to wear on the Tube, waterproof by definition and adding a timeless Englishness to an otherwise casual outfit, it’s near perfect for spring. Another reason for its re-appearance, aside from sheer practicality, is the popularity of Barbour as yet another classic British brand being rediscovered.

Belted is definitely the way to go, the narrow waistline adds a certain retro elegance and the longer style gives scope for roomy, patch pockets which are super useful in our busy lives.

Which leaves one question, Belstaff or Barbour? The former has a certain Euro swagger about it (despite the British origins of the Italian-owned brand), possibly finer in cut whilst the latter enables you to invest in a true British classic with a certain possibility for irony. There’s also a question of price with Barbour coming in slightly less costly. The decision is yours.

Images: Left, Belstaff Trialmaster jacket. Right, Barbour International Trials jacket.

By Colin Chapman | April 2nd, 2009

  • drio

    Yeah, due to Hollywood,Belstaff is very expensive,since the Italians took ownership they make Belstaff very glam, while Barbour is a little less
    barbour is also ” THE ORIGINAL ” of the jacket, so personally for me, it’s Barbour ( I own a few )
    where Belstaff is good just for show :)) ( hence the price )

  • Susan

    I work for a company that sells both and after having tried them…

    I choose Belfast because of a better fit.It is flattering and chic.

    However,i do like Barbour’s price point.

    Another important factor for me is the non obvious logo or name on the front of the Belfast,whereas the Barbour jacket says Barbour International on the front pocket.