Sander Reijgers interview, Brandish talks to the creator of the sex doll hoodie

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Photography by Isolde Woudstra izzyphotography

Sander Reijgers’ sex doll hoodies have been a mini-internet phenomenon and it’s not hard to see why. The hoodies are witty, but sympathetically so, which probably goes some way to explain their popularity, but we spoke to Sanders himself to find out more.

Your blow up doll hoodies have been a great success, what do you think it is that struck a chord with people?
I think the elements of humour, surprise, sex, also that it’s something new and unique, and not forgetting the simple fact it’s nice to look at.

How long have you been designing clothes, and tell us a little more about your past work?
I’m a painter, I have done the art academie (The Royal Academy of Art in the Hague). But for now I’m more interested in working 3d. The hoodies are an example. I’m using fashion and sex as a means to make objects. I like to operate in the grey area between art, design and fashion.

I just want to have fun and create things or object, if I had to give a statement then this is it:

Artistic points of departure

I’m involved in a struggle between my inner self and the outer world. I’m trying to find a kind of balance between the stimuli coming from the outside and everything that’s going from the inside to the outside. This process of interaction incites me to create images and I do that through a method inspired by collage making. I create new concepts by changing and arranging images and bring various components together that create a confrontation because of their conflicting original nature. By doing this I can bring the external appearances of things into perspective and sometimes even ridicule these appearances.

Why Nike hoodies?
I’m using Nike because it’s a powerful brand with an image (within that image it has different subcultures). I find this interesting and i want to play with this.

Are you into fashion, what labels do you wear?

Nike, Puma, Vintages shirts, Carhartt, Zeeman underwear

What’s next for Sander Reijgers?
The Keffiyeh!