Humor me (sic): these shorts are wild

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Humor_shorts.jpgThese marvellous shorts are the union of two happy coincidences: OkiNi starting to feature some little known, (often Japanese) labels and a certain trend for kerrazy 80’s style pattern. Everything is great about these short trousers by Humor, the mix of colours, the brand (you’ve got to love a label that is ‘heavily influenced by the metropolitan underground music’), the cute, turquoise drawstring, THAT print. Like something spawned by a meeting of Timmy Mallet and Jeremy Scott in an elevator (actually, don’t linger on that thought) these shorts have got to bring a smile to your face, and at such a good price.

Serving Suggestion: wear with the finest of hi-tops, a sleeveless white T-shirt and some badass tattoos whilst listening to Arthur Russell on headphones.