Love the Look: Johnny Knoxville snapped coming out of John Waters’ Gagosian exhibition in New York

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johnny knoxville john waters gagosian.jpg

Preppy on the top, skatewear on the bottom, Johnny Knoxville was snapped coming out of John Waters‘ opening at the Gagosian on Saturday. Knoxville starred in the King of Camp’s ‘Dirty Shame’ so it’s no surprise to see him at the private view for ‘Rear Projection’. ‘Dirty Shame’ a satire on sexual values which, funnily enough I saw this weekend and stars Knoxville as a kind of sexual Jesus.

This look is never going to wow catwalk crowds, but as far as a uniform for the hipster hitting their 40s it’s a far more appealing sight than the visual nightmare of ‘greying cool dad’ in their heyday attire of chunky skate shoes, baggy jeans and a surf tee. A generation of ageing cool dads should take note!