Pocket squares!

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It’s probably a first that Alexis Petridis at The Guardian picks up on a trend before the Brandish team but here’s an exception. Whilst Petridis’s column on Saturday featured the said accessory with a standard suit, I recently spotted a Liberty sales assistant making a much more imaginative use of the pocket square. He’d paired a vintage-looking, ‘farmer’ check Barbour shirt in cream/khaki with a Liberty pocket square in one of their classic, ‘arts and crafts’ prints in a cool, pale blue. Perfectly folded into the shirt pocket, the pocket square positively fizzed against the rural check of his shirt. Were this boy walking down the street in New York City he’d have been a moving target for The Sartorialist.

As I’m attending a stylish wedding reception this weekend, I’d already decided to give the pocket-square-in-shirt-pocket look a spin, but how to be sure about that folding?

As ever, YouTube comes to the rescue with its delightfully titled ‘The Art of Manliness‘ guide to the pocket square.

Pocket squares: Liberty, Image source: Dandy and Wit