Espadrilles: say bonjour to summer

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ropey_soles_espa.jpgEspadrilles hark back to an era when Bohemian style meant wearing traditional, Mediterranean clothing with a rustic simplicity. Think Picasso and his entourage plage-ing it on the Cote d’Azur. No mass-produced, foam rubber and nylon ‘trainers’ here.

Ropey Soles are a great internet outlet for the espadrille. I’m particularly taken with the bright red version, although the denim shoe would look amazing with wide-leg chinos or pale trousers and a striped top. Buy in bulk (you can mix and match sizes and mens and womens versions with mates) for a discount.

Without socks you’ll need to ensure your ankles are suitably tanned (by whatever means necessary) and keep feet fragrant with a peppermint foot lotion.