Seb Law’s Summer Picks: Acne sandals, Mulberry bags and Levi’s shorts

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Seb Law is a grown up business Editor by day, dj by night, and in between finds time to maintain his blog at The Staple and keep us entertained on Twitter. He kindly provided us with his summer picks, which get us in the mood for long days at the park, day trips to the beach and lazy pub garden evenings. Read on to find out what he’ll be wearing this season:

As the sun peeks around the clouds, bicycles begin to appear from garages. Travelcards are massively expensive, the bike lanes are brilliant, it’s good exercise and there’s nothing better than sailing past several of your usual buses en route to work; a bicycle is a summer Staple. If fixie simplicity is too hardcore, go Dutch as recommended by the NY Times and available at Bobbin, or delve into your Dad’s garage, eBay or Gumtree for a vintage model.

For some reason, there’s still loads to carry in summer. I always end up carrying a cardi or a scarf just in case it gets a bit breezy. And as useful as canvas bags are; they just can’t hold all the usual guff and the essential bottle of water and get in the way if you’re on a bike. Messenger-style bags in summery chambray . Mulberry’s Taylor satchel (£350) if you’re rolling in it; if you’re just in it Topman’s denim barrel bag is more than adequate at £18. Failing that, oldschool rucksacks will do you well; Eley Kishimoto for Eastpak or Fjällräven for the urban-hiking thing.

If I hadn’t made some cuffed denim shorts a while back, I’d definitely be making them one evening this week. Take on old pair of jeans (I got some Levi’s from Absolute Vintage on Hanbury Street for a tenner) or chinos if you’re feeing adventurous. Mark out a line just below the knee. Cut the bottoms off. Fold or roll the ragged edge upwards until it’s hidden in itself. Now continue to raise them as high as you dare.

Oversize/scoopneck tshirts
A leaner bottom half makes for a looser top half. Instead of hitting American Apparel for some dayglo-snowstorm-thermochromatic-candystripes, embrace a simple, well-cut plain T, with a wider, round neck, and in a size larger than you’d normally buy. Acne has some particularly good ones, their Generic tee is only £20 and ASOS or Cos are also safe bets. If you want graphics, keep them simple and abstract; no logos of colleges you didn’t attend, slogans, or ’80s nostalgia, and definitely no palm trees. (Can we get this made into a plaque please?! -Ed)

Enough, please of the scabby cheapo plimsolls. If they’re falling apart, it generally looks like you are too. After many years of wearing brightly-coloured ones myself, I’m graduating this summer to some proper leather sandals from ASOS; incidentally, at £19.75 they’re actually cheaper than most plimsolls. Unlike (again) the rather wonderful Acne gladiator sandals which will set you back £185.

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