Can You See it…Which Popstar Has Been Taking Style Cues from Calvin Harris?

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Calvin Harris, the Dumfries-born DJ who is often tipped with providing the backing track to the vintage wave of last summer, is currently topping the charts with his ‘I’m Not Alone’ and while watching his latest video I was suddenly aware of the BOT male’s striking similarity to another No. 1 popstar…

See after the jump for the big reveal!

605px-lady_gaga_the_fame.jpgYes, from the jewel-encrusted sunnies to the love of bubbles and zombie-eqsue dancing, Harris is fast-becoming the male equivalent of US-superstar Lady Gaga!

Check back soon for DIY Gaga-glasses complete with crystals and, with a touch of Topman and a bit of beat, you too can be Calvin Harris.