Dandy on the treadmill: time to spruce your gym-kit

Colin Chapman Sportswear Leave a Comment

Thumbnail image for yoga_wear.jpgAttending one of East London’s ridiculously trendy gyms as I do, the quota of fashion-focused gym attire is higher than average but there’s still a lot of guys who turn up in washed-out ‘I usually sleep in this but who cares?’ T-shirts and saggy cargo shorts. At the yoga class where Stella McCartney-clad girls are the mainstay, the balance is even worse. Time to sharpen up in the ‘what to wear whilst exercising’ stakes, methinks.

Whilst I’d love to suggest you don an entire Rick Owens selection for your workout, unless you really are married to Gwynnie the prices are prohibitive. Meanwhile, these mainly-bamboo fabric pants will keep you cool and add to your karma. A printed cotton tank adds a bit of visual interest whilst you perfect your downward-facing dog. A classic lozenge-shaped gym bag is essential to sling across those toned shoulders on the way out. An attention to detail with simple, considered choices is the way to go – American Apparel-sponsored 80s irony is definitely wearing thin.

Deluxe yoga mat, Agoy, bamboo sweatpants Bam, printed tank, ASOS, bag APC.