Fantastic Man cologne: we get a sniff

Colin Chapman Scent & Aftershave 4 Comments

Fantastic_Man_Cologne.jpgI reported on Fantastic Man‘s collaboration with Swedish perfumer Byredo back in March, and thanks to Isabelle, I’ve now got my hands on it. The packaging is predictably gorgeous: minimalist white with black details and a very old-school paper seal that establishes the feeling you are receiving something really special. It’s the fragrance equivalent of opening a product by Apple.

Having had 24 hours to spray, dab and generally test the olfactory sensitivities of friends and family, I can report that: I love it! Initially a little floral, over time its the Patchouli note that comes out strongest, softened by powdery Bergamot and peppery Cardamom. Rather than reminding you of an afternoon at Camden Market, the Patchouli effect is one of well-travelled luxury, in a bohemian, Ibiza in the ’70s way (think louche movie Savage Grace). A perfect fragrance then for summer.

Keep your eyes peeled for availability in stores, or buy online here.