3sixteen tell us what they’re wearing this summer, & whether they prefer Speedos or shorts!

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We featured a sneak peek of the 3sixteen A/W collection recently, and they’re back, this time Johan Lam, one of the 3sixteen designers, answered our questions about his sartorial summer.

What are you going to be wearing this summer? Any new trends/pieces that you’re going to be cracking out?
It gets pretty hot in LA during the summer, so my uniform these next few months will be Quoddy boat shoes on my feet, seersucker button ups and solid colored v-necks on top, and a combination of cuffed denim or chino’s, cropped khaki’s, and knee high shorts on bottom. Ankles out!

Anything that you’re finally getting rid of?
I realized that I owned 50 pairs of shoes and only wore 4 of them, so I sold off a good amount of shoes to make space. Anything heavy will go into storage bins for the next few months until it starts to get cool again. Boots will get pushed to the back of the closet.

3sixteensummer lookbook shorts.jpg

Which new labels are you looking at at the moment?

Tanner Goods makes incredible and affordable leather accessories for my belt, wallet, keychain needs.
Quoddy makes beautiful, hand crafted shoes that I can’t stop wearing.
In general, I’m excited by brands that are very hands-on with their production, creating products with character and a compelling story.

Which books/music/films have caught your attention recently?

I’ve been listening to the new Phoenix album “Wolfgang Amadeus” non stop for the past few weeks. It’s perfect on a sunny day with the windows down. In terms of films, I’m incredibly excited about Public Enemies, with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale coming out in July.

Shorts or Speedos?

For my dad: Speedos.
For me: Shorts.

Lastly, any menswear trends you wish you could banish?
Nah, let people wear what they want.

All images: 3sixteen summer lookbook.