Bleached out: summer colours take a beating

Colin Chapman Trends Leave a Comment

However hesitant the sun may be about sharing its rays with the good folk of Britain, with a little imagination you can step right into summer by wearing the latest sun-bleached, faded colours and prints. Imagine the pink suggested by the red heart on an IheartNY white T-shirt seen inside-out, and you have the shade. Pink, ironically, has a recent association with hooligan chav-dom in the UK, but faded back to barely-there, fleshy pinkness it loses it’s Casual associations and becomes something more nostalgic.

ASOS are big on faded prints and colours this summer, from the faded floral of these shorts, to the bleached out brick tones of their chino shorts. Meanwhile, ever colour-conscious American Apparel‘s super-pale pink V-necked T-shirt is an old favourite that always charms.