Princes Vintage

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princes vintage brogue rucksack suit.jpg
Princes Vintage is a cut above your average eBay store, there’s no risk of looking like a mismatched musty throwback with the goods they have on offer. Here is a selection of hot items for summer and trusty wardrobe staples:

Make no mistake, rucksacks are back and this leather one is smart enough for formal occasions. Every man needs a good suit, and if you can find a vintage one that fits well hold onto it for dear life, similarly a quality pair of vintage brogues will last an eternity and they go with a wide variety of looks. Lastly, white trousers are your shortcut to summer smart, but make sure you add an idiosyncratic twist like a neckerchief, retro watch or deck shoes in a sherbet pastel so you don’t look too trad.