Time to turn heads: Ikitabi Ninja Slippers

Colin Chapman Footwear Leave a Comment

Ninja_slippers.jpgWith so much attention in menswear having been given to ‘ironic’ preppy wear and reversioned Americana recently, it’s quite refreshing to recommend something a bit edgier and less mainstream. These split-toe, Japanese Ikitabi canvas boots currently at OkiNi will certainly turn heads.

Based on traditional Japanese slippers or tabi with the addition of rubber soles, I’m already sold on the attention to detail and the apparently ergonomic effect on your gait. For full Murakami-inspired hipness, partner with simple, pared-back shapes. This black denim suit by ACNE is a perfect combination. Or make use of the neutral beige colourway and pair with pink chinos. Jump through for product details.

Ikitabi boots, OkiNi
Black denim jacket, ACNE
Matching black denim pleated trousers, ACNE