Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair’s ‘Favourite Jeans’: 3 looks in one!

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FifthAvenueShoeRepair.jpgHere at Brandish we love a bit of versatility, which is why these jeans by Swedish brand Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair are so perfect. At the top the fit is like a pair of oh-so-current roomy pleated pants, the anti-fit of these jeans also allows for a bit of drop-crotchness, whilst the legs actually taper down to the ankle. The interesting cut lends itself to many styling possibilities, but the genius touch is that the stretchy fabric (a quality, soft, stretch twill) allows the hem to be pulled up the leg to wear them as a slouchy cropped pant. At least three looks in one! The lovely detailing – like the ‘whiskering’ at back of knees also adds value. So, despite a hefty $279 pricetag (plus shipping), they’re still a choice item.

For the budget conscious, with some imagination and a trip to the tailor, I think you could achieve something similar by adapting a pair of vintage pleated trousers in a suitably flexible fabric.

Source: Blackbird blog

Seen in Old Stone, also available in Black