Love the Look: the army field jacket over suiting

army_over_suiting.jpgIt’s been a little while for me since The Sartorialist featured a must-have-item, but the artful combination of this olive green army field jacket worn over a suit had me searching for a similar jacket. An iconic item in the US, they’re available from the high-end (Ralph Lauren Black Label) to army surplus stores. Somehow, the olive green colour and the fact that it’s a purposeful, military item overrides the jacket’s essential scruffiness allowing it to combine well with smarter, more conventional items.

For a more youthful take on this Milano’s estimable style, try combining with a slim fitting suit. Or my killer suggestion for warmer days: over a white fitted shirt with knitted black tie, faded jeans and tan brogues – thus combining Citizen Smith urban revolutionary with classic City smartness. ‘Freedom for Tooting’ indeed.

Olive field jacket available from Surplus and Adventure

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Colin ChapmanLove the Look: the army field jacket over suiting