Hairstyles at the Glamour Awards last night

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ed westwick lee ryan mark ronson glamour awards.jpg

Perma-pout Ed Westwick had a sharp slicked-back do, which always looks good for formal occasions. Use pomade and a fine-tooth comb to acheive this look, we like Black & White Lite for this.
Mark Ronson wasn’t wearing his Topshop jacket but still sported a cobalt blue shirt. His mighty quiff is helped by the fact he has a thick head of hair, but Trevor Sorbie’s styling clay and a small blob of mousse will help achieve that hold without too much shine.
Surprisingly ex-Blue member Lee Ryan also sported a great do. Shorn on the sides and with a slight quiff, it’s not too OTT but still has style. You can achieve this with a little blow-drying and some Elnett hairspray.

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