Brandish Exclusive! Interview with Nickque Patterson, Fashionisto Supreme pt1

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4313_97016153972_563923972_2668847_2262474_n.jpgNickque Patterson is setting the London fashion world alight- slowly but surely. As a stylist, DJ, designer and all-round fashionisto persona, Nickque is one of those people for whom every street is a real-life catwalk. Whether in front of the camera as a model or working behind the scenes orchestrating an edgy editorial, Patterson knows the trends and makes fashion happen.

Ever so fortunately, he was excited to be interviewed for Brandish and after the jump we have his full interview. Prepare for shoes described as ‘elite,’ Nickque’s self-decided role as the “Jesus of Fashion” and grooming-secrets (just check out the hair!)

We love him!

4237_87993888972_563923972_2532532_2898795_n.jpg– Why don’t you just tell us exactly what part you play in the fashion industry?

I do various things in the fashion industry from spending time both behind and in front of the camera to styling, I’m an aspiring journalist so I also contribute to some online fashion sites. I don’t think style can be text-booked so I’m forever preaching the good word to those less informed, lost or just unfortunate, in a way I’m the “Jesus of Fashion”, what a blasphemous thing to say, did I mention I had a sense of humour, it’s a essential in fact it’s a necessity in all things creative; death to pretentious creatives it’s like Bush’s presidency…pointless.

– Guide us through an average day in the life of Nickque!

I’m usually absolutely dead from the night before so my day usually starts with a battle me vs my Blackberry which may I say is rather complex! I then mentally plan what I’m going to wear and erase breakfast from the plan in order to stay in bed for an few extra minutes then go for a jog. Shower. Usually on a shoot if styling make sure I have everything ready, if modelling… nothing! Later I’m surrounded by mua’s and tog’s etc and the camera’s begin to flash. I’m constantly “bbm’ing” (Blackberry Messaging) and will end the day sophisticatedly sipping Cava with some comrades or I’m cutting some major shapes on some dance-floor.

– What trends are you getting into this season, as both a stylist and fashionisto?

I love how far menswear fashion has come, it feels like for the first time high street “trying” give men true fashion pieces, something which the evolution of designer menswear has geared. This season as a stylist and as a fashionisto I’m drawn to the lace and nudes executed beautifully by Givenchy and Richard Chai. I also salivated slightly at the sight of those amazing Raf Simons playsuits, adolescence chic in abundance.

– What items in your wardrobe could you not live without?

That’s like telling Madonna she can only have one orphan; I dislike limiting questions. The item I couldn’t live without this week are my Raf Simons DM cut out boot sandals. Previously I was besotted with my handy-me-down denim jacket which was adorned with trinkets and badges, but that was stolen in a Shoreditch club whilst I was on the dancefloor. Yes if the perpetrator is reading you should be ashamed, that was a part of my history! When you put it on substance will lack [laughs] stealing is wrong!

Follow Nickque on Twitter or check out his blog! and stay tuned for part two!