Brandish Exclusive! Interview with Nickque Patterson, Fashionisto Supreme pt2

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Here is Part 2 of our amazing interview with the lovely Nickque Patterson. Hilarious and just as addictive as Part 1 of the interview, you won’t want our convo with this London fashionisto to end!

Read on for Ska, life in music videos and plenty of references to the likes of Mark Ronson, Noel Fielding and BGT’s Diversity!

– Pick one summer essential you won’t be travelling/ beach trekking/ sunbathing without!

My iPod, I’ve dedicated a playlists to ska and reggae. The Specials, Madness, Bob Marley, Toots and the Maytals etc walking anywhere in the sunshine listening to such music just fits. Makes me feel like I’m in the music video.

– What challenges do you face as a stylist trying to hit the big-time?

I guess because I believe that I am not defined by that job title but instead by me as person, it’s one of many things I do which I take pride in, I like to keep busy and I’m involved in so many different wonderful things which all give me a buzz. Luckily styling isn’t the be all and end all for me, like all creative jobs it’s very competitive and starting out as a stylist isn’t easy, so much things you have to take sole responsibility for but as Jon Bon Jovi said keep the faith oh and my latest quote “chase the dream not the competition”

– Which male celebs/ fashion stars do you look up to when it comes to style?

I don’t think there are many if any male celebrity I look up to, most male celebrities are just non-contracted models e.g. David Beckham, he’d don an amazing Prada suit, but bets are he was dressed by his wife or it’s an endorsement; in this case probably both. A piece I really like sported by a male celebrity is the Mrs Jones jacket with the pheasant feathers on the shoulder worn by Brandon Flowers, though I’d use faux feathers. I do admire Noel Fielding and Andre 3000’s individuality (in celebville) and Mark Ronson teddy boy-esque style but saying that true male fashion icons can be found in the east end of London town. Who said only celebrities can be icons? In most cases they’re not.

3088_82155383972_563923972_2442641_1937012_n.jpg– You possess a pretty magnificent asymmetrical haircut…what inspired you when it came to your hair and how sustainable is your style?

I’m pretty experimental when it comes to hair, my current style was inspired by Chuck Berry and Elvis but I’m always thinking of new styles which scares my personal stylist Emi. It’s sustainable, but my quiff does get pretty wild and my hair grows at a rapid pace so I get regular trims and usually get it styled to perfection if something big is jotted in the diary. My hair’s been through the mill on some shoots but it’s far from neglected.

Now a quick HOT or NOT (and why) round:

– Braces? HOT, it’s a DUDD (dress up dress down) staple piece, you can wear it with some jeans a plain t and some deck shoes or team them (braces) with a nice pair of tapered trousers, tailored shirt, blazer and some penny loafers or brogues.
– Espadrilles? Lukewarm, I own about 18 but tend to wear them mostly around the house, it’s tragic when they get that awful slant that makes you feet seem like a mudslide.
– Gladiator sandals? HOT!- they make you feel like a roman god and keep feet cool! Elite!
– Wayfarers or a new style? Wayfarers, I’ve dated others but I always return to my first love, effortlessly consistent.
– Velvet in summer? NOT velvet should be approached with caution.
– Short shorts? HOT legs are unisex but tip is buy your size or a size bigger leave the hotpants to Daisy Duke. Male short shorts should be at least 10cms below our private parts.
– Harem pants? Hot, a small hot because this can go either way with many factors such as height of occupant and depth of drop crotch, you easily look like you’ve had an accident.


Met Ball Headbutting Mess: Team McCullough or Team Sutherland?

Team McCullough but I’ll never understand head-butting surely it hurts both parties involved, saying that I’m not clued up on the barbaric art form. Violence is never the answer just bitch amongst a trusted circle of friends, harmless and mentally stimulating, did I forget to mention my sense of humour.

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