New label obsession: Burkman Brothers

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13.jpgRegular readers will know I have a thing for American, brands like Rugby Ralph Lauren and BBlessing as well as Stateside blogs such as Mister Mort and Secret Forts. So it’s with great pleasure that I (hopefully) introduce to you Burkman Brothers. Stumbling across them on the blogosphere it seems that New York has been alight with talk of them this year. Super-handsome, real life brothers, Doug and Ben create American clothing with genuine love of detail and finish – their madras fabrics for example are all woven in South India. With a history that includes designing for Gap this isn’t edgy stuff but the attention to detail and consistent aesthetic are really refreshing. Check out the gorgeous current Spring/Summer collection lookbook here – great use of colour and the Indian setting is a perfect foil.

The label is apparently available from Liberty in the UK but at the time of writing there is no sign. Let’s be hopeful that a mass of BB stock is on its way for AW09.

Burkman Brothers

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