Don’t sweat like the rest. Rock a vest!

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Being on public transport in the glorious-but-annoyingly-timed-to-coincide-with-the-working-week heat wave is pretty grim. Buses, trains and especially the Tube are hotter than Bin Laden’s pager number; if you were naked you would still be wearing too much. Clearly you can’t rock out with your cock out on public transport, however you can compromise with Granddad’s favourite, a vest.

There are a few considerations to take into account before you don a sleeveless wonder, jump through to see what you need to know.

  • You must get the size right; don’t wear it too tight because you’ll look like a Spanish body builder and don’t wear it too loose because you’ll look like Pete Doherty and, despite what Kate Moss says, not hot. A lot of brands are now making their vests extra long which gives a relaxed but still fitted look, so try to get these rather than something that has been designed on a square block.
  • Ribbed vests are a massive no-no in my opinion, if something makes you look like Freddy Mercury’s whipping boy then you need to take that shit off.
  • Get the colour right; white is nice and goes with almost everything (except white shorts, it’s a bit too much even for the French Riviera) however it gets dirty quickly, especially if you’re chucking on the sun cream -which you should be doing with your shoulders exposed- skin cancer is not a good look. A marl of some kind is always sweet, try to find something that suits your complexion, you don’t want to emphasise that pale or even leathery orange skin.
  • Images and logos are big this season, monotone is nice and some colour is nice too but try to avoid anything too bold or garish. If it reminds you of a carnival float then return it to the shelf.

There are shed loads of vests out there right now so go armed with your VISA and go mental. If you need some gentle encouragement then you can spend as little or as much as you like at Wellgosh, Topman and Oki-Ni.