When You’re a Boy: Simon Foxton exhibition opens Friday

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SimonFoxton.jpgThis is officially: A Very Big Deal. Not only is uber-stylist Simon Foxton one of the most influential people in menswear but this exhibition is also one of the first to focus on the role of the stylist as opposed to the photographer. And it’s about mens fashion: double whammy! As if our readers needed any reminding, menswear is like the new womenswear. And its only taken several millenia of social evolution to focus ourselves on the fact that men are peacocks obsessed with our appearance. Anway, enough with the sociology lecture.

Simon Foxton has been active in the fashion world since the early 80’s, being of the same generation as, say, Judy Blame, and um, Caryn Franklin. Notable for his work at iD and, latterly but consistently, Arena Homme Plus magazine. Simon’s work has always been thought provoking and groundbreaking, in terms of his treatment of gender/sexuality, ethnicity and perceived divides between ‘leisure’ wear and formal wear. All of which may seem familiar to us now, but back in the day..

Strangely lacking in information online, I suspect that by the weekend there will be a flurry of media interest in this amazing exhibition. See you there!

When You’re a Boy: Men’s Fashion Styled by Simon Foxton
The Photographers’ Gallery, London
7 July – 4 October 2009

Image source: From Hey There Fancy Pants, photographed by Jason Evans, styled by Simon Foxton. Published in i-D, May 2004