Trend : Lace Up Ankle Sandals

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Shoes by Miharayasuhiro £440.10

Last SS, gladiator sandals were flirting around the fringes of mainstream fashion, with Acne producing one of the most popular styles and the high-street producing some relatively nice ones for around £30. They’ll be everywhere this summer and as always, the designers have raised the stakes. Lanvin have produced some lavish, rather effeminate ones, with bold colours and interesting fabrics, yet it’s not the gladiator which is the trend that appears to be emerging.

The lace up ankle sandals are a really interesting concept, because, unlike the gladiator which is a classic sandal style, the lace ups have the same silhouette as an ankle boot. LuisaViaRoma have by far the best range and feature ones by Sergio Rossi, Michetti Danielle and Miharayasuhiro.

They’re not going to be easy to pull off, but if you want to try out the trend, then I’d suggest cut-out shoes. Some of the styles I’ve seen seem really narrow and to be honest, not particularly nice. These ones are a winner though.
Shoes by B-Store £205

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