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I think any fashion, art, design, photography and film enthusiasts all got very upset when Borders closed down. Their selection of magazines was second to none with everything you could ever dream of. I particularly miss browsing through Sportswear International. If anyone could inform me of where you can get it now other than their website in the comments I’d very much appreciate it! However, all isn’t lost, as you can get hold of AnotherMan, Fantastic Man and other publications in places such as WhSmith, yet there is one magazine which I would happily choose over all the rest which is available widely but continues to be kind of under the radar. Notion magazine is beautifully put together, with stunning shoots and actually good, informal fashion and music features. Quite simply, they state ‘when you open our magazine, we want it to blow your face off.’

It fills a similar cultural gap to Dazed & Confused, yet is not as Londoncentric and laid out in a more concise manner with me wanting to read everything and not just flick through. It definitely deserves more recognition. It gets better. If I haven’t convinced you to go out and buy it then you can read the whole thing on their website digitally, yet there’s nothing quite like having a hard copy. The latest issue’s cover features Eric Hassle, the Scandinavian singer, whose been hyped this year and inside you can find the ‘Hipsters Handbook,’ which is a 65 page supplement and features such great style that isn’t pretentious and is more than accessible. Absolutely love it.