Trend: Flat Brow Sunglasses

ThomasHewetson sunglasses, Trends 2 Comments

Last year it was Wayfarers. Everywhere. This summer, it will still be Wayfarers, Everywhere. They are just to easy to wear, suit more people than any other sunglasses, aren’t too flashy and are a design classic. However, the flat brow sunglasses are the way forward. The silhouette does bare resemblance to the Wayfarer on some models, but the nicest ones have a square frame. I do not believe in spending over £20 on sunglasses because I get through 3 pairs in the summer due to standing or sitting on them, yet these ones shown above are £165 and by A.M Eyewear and do claim to be shatterproof and are the nicest pair I’ve seen.