Style Profile: Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola

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josep5.jpgThe Barcelona coach is the best dressed manager in any sport that I have ever seen. Everyone praised the sartorial elan of Jose when he wore that fantastic Armani coat a few years back, but the suits were never as fashionable as what I’ve been seeing Pep Guardiola dressing in on the touchlines. Slimly cut almost always with a crisp white shirt and a narrow tie, he is a walking advert of how the suit doesn’t need to be stuffy and also doesn’t need to make you look like you shop too much in the Topman skinny-cut section.

I’ve tried to find out whether they are off-the-peg. It was a long-shot and invariably it turns out they are bespoke, but if you look for the general cut, then you can find some good ready-to-wear out there. The thing so beautiful about these suits is that, unlike the Dior Homme and high street versions of the slim suit, the jacket is not cropped so retains the same masculinity and elegance of the traditional suit jacket just with a 21st century silhouette.

It’s the little touches that elevate him to a genuinely stylish man. Known to wear a pocket square matching the colour of his shirt and often matching the colour of his tie to his suit, it’s simple but effective and his use of v-necks and cardigans to is impeccable. He even has a beautiful mac for if it gets a bit chilly.