Burlington Invisible Socks.

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burlington3.jpgThere is nothing worse than wearing socks with certain items such as deck shoes and suede loafers. There is also nothing worse than not wearing socks and having sweaty smelly summer feet. Luckily Burlington who you can trust to make quality socks which will last, have developed their own version of a ‘trainer sock’. Available at ASOS.

By ThomasHewetson | June 30th, 2010

  • Are these socks antiperspirant…? if yes!! then I am gonna buy them.

  • Hey is that true, i am so excited for this, if that happens, I’ll buy some socks.
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  • Made of skin-friendly cotton, which allows the respiration of the foot. Anatomically placed cushions from heel to the overtoe area guarantee perfect fit and hold and prevent blisters. FALKE Run Sport invisible socks are marked R and L in line with the right and left toe progression. The size is knitted into the sole.

  • These must be expensive…