Fujifilm instax mini50S.

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fujifuji.jpegFuji’s latest instant camera is set for release in Japan (but you’ll probably be able to get them on ebay) on September 4th. Having broken my white Instax Mini 7 I may well have to invest in this as it also has the extra features of a ‘double self-timer, double shutter buttons for different orientations and a slow sync flash’ and is more compact and aesthetically pleasing than the 7. You can check it out on the Fuji Japan website.

By ThomasHewetson | August 4th, 2010

  • looks so cool!! but you haven’t mentioned its price.

  • I am ready to pay any price of it.

  • Measuring only 4.4″ x 3.8″ x 1.9″ the pocket sized Instax Mini50s Cheki from Fujifilm is a great alternative to a Polaroid’s reissued film.

  • Good enough to make me buy it…

  • I purchased the camera a week ago to use for work in an emergency. I was surprised at its features compared with the low price. It is very user friendly and the menus are straight forward. I would recommend this camera to others.

  • FUJIFILM THE Japanese camera makers have come up with a good alternative to a Polaroids reissued film. The latest camera from the Japanese giants is named Instax Mini50s Cheki.

  • Fujifilm the best technology ..that’s make camera and this quality so good than other company so I like this very much and so I have two fuzifilm camera …

  • Fujifilm one of best company i love.

  • A bit vintage but i like it!

    Fuji is reliable company!

  • I’ll stick with my trusty old powershot, thank you very much.