Another Winter For Fairisle?

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In the past couple of winters Fairisle knits have become a staple item to keep you warm in our cold winters. The trend also seems to be holding it’s ground with yet more garish patterns lined up for you to wear in the coming months. Alongside all of the styles below, I suggest you check out charity shops as you can get some real finds, but the problem is, first of all, you never quite get rid of the smell no matter how much you wash it, and secondly, the vintage styles tend to have very baggy arms which looks cute on women, but less desirable on men. The selections below are all available at Hip.

ymcfair.jpegHat by Y.M.C £40

farahvin4.jpgCardigan by Farah Vintage £85

ymcfairsle.jpgCrew by Y.M.C £110

By ThomasHewetson | August 12th, 2010

  • I saw that they are predicting yet another cold winter this year. Last year they were predicting heavy snow and arctic temperatures and we got RAIN.

  • Cool stuff!! I am interested in buying the hats.

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