Johnnie Walker Blue Label And Golfer Greg Norman Collaborate on Venturer Bag

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Johnnie Walker Blue Label, has partnered with world championship golfer Greg Norman to create a collection of men’s bags.

The Johnnie Walker Blue Label Venturer is handmade by the Bill Amberg Studio from calfskin, and is limited to only 331 bags. The bag contains a suit compartment, shirt pocket, a detachable leather carrier, a hip flask with leather trim and four stainless steel cups in a leather holder, a travel hold with three silver-plated golf tees, which can double to store golf balls, cufflinks, etc, and of course a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label.

The bag will set you back £1,500 from Harrods.

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LauraJohnnie Walker Blue Label And Golfer Greg Norman Collaborate on Venturer Bag
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