Gap Gets A Makeover: Spring 2011 Collection

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Gap is not a brand that we have paid much attention to over the past few years. So when we saw images from the 2011 spring collection, we were surprised to see what a great job they have done to turn around the brand and make it relevant again.

Creative director Patrick Robinson explained the new directions stating they wanted to create a collection that reflects what “modern means in America today, for a 25- to 35-year-old…That’s what we export. Not anything ‘heritage’ or referenced in the past. Today.” This is an interesting remark considering the brand is often criticized for being stuck in the past.

For Robinson, the pant takes front and center in 2011, with pants and a shirt worn sockless with tasseled loafers, as well as a range of interesting and quite flamboyant colors for Gap.
In addition Robinson has insisted that the brand will no feature tables in their stores “with one sweater in 30 colors,” he said. Rather than multiple duplications Gap will being to show specific pieces that connoted authenticity and individuality.

It really feels like Gap is heading in a new direction, that Robinson perhaps described best: “It’s just what cooler, sexier, younger people want right now.”