Green shaving creams to celebrate end of Movember

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Originally published on Hippyshopper.

December is just one sleep away and we are all getting geared up for Christmas cheer and shopping. However, as November draws to a close I thought we’d give an extra cheer for all of the guys who’ve been sporting tashes for a month in support for Movember; raising funds for The Prostate Cancer Charity.

Now all the lovely ladies whose boyfriends, friends, brothers or fathers have spent a month cultivating a moustache, why not give them a pre-Christmas treat in the form of green shaving products. To make things easier, with the help of Jay Clarke, Hippyshopper has tested four of the best natural shaving creams on the market. (pssst – they are also great as stocking fillers!)

OSMIUM Age Defend Shave.jpgOSMIUM® Age Defend Shave (£12 for 125ml)

A deluxe plant-rich non-foaming shaving cream, the Age Defend Shave contains ingredients to protect, soften and soothe skins while ensuring an ultra-close shave. The shaving cream is free from sulphates and contains Siberian ginseng and juniper, aloe vera, chamomile and eucalyptus oil. This non-drying and calming formula is said to reduce irritation and minimise redness.

Formulated specifically for men, the OSMIUM® range is rich in plant actives, vitamins and minerals, is more than 93% natural and 99% preservative free. Developed in the UK, the products are prepared by experts in natural treatments under the highest quality standards, each product is said to be non-greasy, fast-absorbing and easy to use.

What Jay thought:
While the name sounds like three point military procedure, the name doesn’t mask it from being a decent, if not overwhelming product. It does an excellent job at soothing and preventing irritation or redness which is crucial when shaving. The shaving cream also leaves a pleasant freshness after it is rinsed off. One of the more costly products tested, my only gripe is that I was expecting something special, special aromas that will linger in my memory and long to smell again. While a good product that does everything it says on the box, it unfortunately didn’t blow me away.

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Trilogy Shave Cream.jpgTrilogy Smooth Shave Cream (£10.00 for 150ml)

The Smooth Shave Cream by Trilogy, is a high glide and conditioning cream that contains a unique balance of natural shave primers and skin softening emollients from pure plant oils including avocado, olive, marula and wheat germ. The added benefit of aloe vera and green tea soothes as facial hair is lifted for a comfortable, close and even shave.

Trilogy Natural Actives for Men is produced with a unique combination of zinc, copper and magnesium – minerals known for their beneficial impact of the skin, and essential plant oils that assist in supporting healthier, firmer and younger looking skin.

What Jay thought:
My expectations were high: expensive looking packaging and luxurious sounding ingredients. The first thing I noticed upon applying the cream was its thickness. Like skin-friendly Tip-Ex, it forms a thick shield protecting your face, which feels soft and comforting. The aloe vera sooths and relaxes the face before shaving begins. However upon shaving I realised that it was if anything, slightly too thick, somewhat impeding the razor. I was underwhelmed by the smell, or lack thereof, for a shaving cream containing so many exotic ingredients it smelt bland. It did however do an excellent job at preventing irritation and redness, which is a major benefit of a shaving cream over a shaving gel. Overall, Trilogy shaving cream feels better on your face than it smells. As the shaving cream is part of a skincare series, I expect it to work better with the whole range. For instance, the Trilogy Post Shave Balm provides a plethora of wonderful aroma when opened. Ginger, lemon, orange – dare I say it, Cointreau Liqueur. By the time I’d massaged it into my shaven face I was eager for an edible version. It felt refreshing and is a beautifully complete product. The post shave balm is not cheap at £16, but it is a price worth paying. This is the balm for me; a fantastic product.

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Organic Homme Wash and Shave.jpgOrganic Homme Wash and Shave (£11.95 for 125ml)

This two in one active-packed face wash and shaving gel from Organic Homme promises the ultimate close shave. The gel lifts the hair shafts to help prevent ‘razor burn’ and nicks and cuts. The organic aloe vera soothes, conditions and protects the skin, while plant proteins and seaweed keep the skin smooth and supple.

Organic Homme’s natural and organic products are suitable for all men including those with sensitive skin and those prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne and skin blemishes. Made without any chemical nasties, the products are based on 100% natural, organic and fairly traded ingredients.

What Jay thought:
Organic Homme’s Wash and Shave is another wonderfully citrus effort that I instinctively want to drink rather than rub over my face, perhaps doing both would be an acceptable compromise? From its sweet masculine scent to its minimalistic packaging, this product oozes sophistication. I like it a lot. As it also leaves your skin moisturised it is perfect for the cold winter months.

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Bulldog Original Shave Gel.jpgBulldog Organic Shave Gel (£3.49 for 175ml)

The UK’s first and largest natural skincare brand for men, all Bulldog products are body friendly and don’t contain any artificial nasties, like parabens and sulphates, artificial colours or synthetic fragrances. The products are loaded with essentials oils and natural actives.

The Organic Shave Gel, contains seven essential oils to give a smooth and moisturising shave every time: aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan. The shave gel is best used with liberal amounts of warm water, or better still, in a steam shower. It softens stubbornly hard facial hairs, and is formulated to work with your razor to achieve the right amount of glide to deliver a perfectly smooth shave.

What Jay thought:
I like Bulldog, the value for money is good, the packaging looks lovely, and the gel smells amazing! A cool cascade of menthol eucalyptus, ginger and aloe vera sooths your face, relaxing and silky yet firm and fit for purpose. As mentioned on the packaging, I recommend mixing warm water with the gel as it is quite thick, yet this is no bad thing. The razor glides through it seamlessly, giving a nice smooth, close shave. And best of all, it leaves a lovely cooling, refreshing after-fragrance.

The best of the shaving gels/creams here, and that’s before you factor in that it’s available at a fraction of the price of the others. This is the shaving product to have!

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