Taking Care of Your Clothes: Steaming

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I hate ironing… so much so that I have been known to try and fix collars with my hair straighter, despite the fact we have 2 perfectly good irons in our flat. I am sure having a crisp white shirt is more of a concern to men, but for some reason its one of those little things I always over look.
I always make an effort to take my clothes out of the dryer right away so that they don’t become wrinkled, but its just not the same. The worst part is I fully acknowledge that ironing can make your clothes look 100x better yet I just don’t do it.

In the last few months I have noticed a growing trend towards Steamers. Its seems the days of giant, clunky, industrial looking steamer are long gone. As they have undergone a make-over making them more portable and better for home use.

Steamers work on any fabric, so you no longer need to try and navigate through the hundreds of settings or worrying about putting the heat up high. It also reduces the need for dry cleaning, so can save you a few pounds too. But beyond all the practical and aesthetic advantages of using a steamer, the key distinction – it takes less than half the time.

So could this trend be the end of the iron and ironing board? I hope so!

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