Thaylor launches new online community

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Here at Brandish we can’t get enough of Montreal’s newest online hub, Thaylor, aimed at bringing the creative community well designed products, from sneakers to speakers.

Like many online retailers, the Thaylor’s web-based shop doubles as an editorial platform, to help shoppers find inspiration. However, what makes this site great is that the editorial is not entirely about driving sales. The Life section for example showcases the thoughts of talented athletes, writers and creative thinkers alike. The Market section serves as Thaylor’s online shop. Here you can pick up clothing and products by brands such as Côte et Ciel, Makr, Joey Roth, Richartz, Hummel and Alena.

Currently the site is only available to our friends in Canada and The U.S, but fingers crossed it will come to the UK soon.

By Laura | May 9th, 2011

  • Hello London & Brandish,

    Thanks for the nod, we appreciate it. Yes, International sales are on our radar and even possible at this point, just email [email protected] with your product request and we will get back to you.
    The site will be updated in the next month or two with an easier “international option” for our friends across the pond.


    J. Thaylor

  • poppy112

    バーバリーバッグが製造する上質な革バッグ、バーバリーシャツを、メーカー直販価格でお届けいたします。お求めやすい価格で、バーバリーアウトレットはさまざま高級商品を備えます。バーバリーバッグ や女性向けの可愛いバーバリー財布など手作り革製品のオンラインショップです。全品送料無料で非常にやすいです。

    みなさんは、バーバリーアウトレット 、と言われた時、どのようなイメージが思い浮かぶでしょうか。
    バーバリーのバーバリー財布 とは、その集団を表す象徴と言っても過言ではありません。
    しかし、そのようなバーバリーシャツ を、自分達だけで作れるでしょうか。