Review: Philips Sonicare DiamondClean

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Philips recently released The Sonicare DiamondClean, a £250 toothbrush, but is it worth it? Read on to find out.

The Sonicare DiamondClean is probably one of the most techy toothbrushes I have ever come across, its packed with teeth cleaning features and even looks good.

The bush has a long oblong handle that features a power/mode select button and an illuminated display to indicate which of the brush’s five cleaning modes you’re currently using, in addition to battery charge levels. The five cleaning modes are designed to target specific areas of your mouth, allowing you to specialize your brushing with settings such as gum care or the whitening mode. Th brush has been clinically proven to remove up to four times more plaque than a manual toothbrush, increase gum health in only two weeks and whiten your teeth in as little as one! In addition it has an impressive rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which is good for 3 weeks of regular usage from a single overnight charge.

Tech aside, the DiamondClean looks great on your bathroom shelf. The brush comes with an eye-catching silver travel case and a nicely cut glass tumbler with a silver base unit that it rests in all while wirelessly charging.

Using an inductive charging system similar to that found in Powermat chargers, simply placing the brush into the glass resting on the base unit (with the base unit plugged into a wall socket) charges the DiamondClean. With the green-lined travel case, it’s a similar principle, lying the toothbrush down inside rather than standing it up, and connecting the case via a USB connection on a PC or laptop to charge the brush. A useful feature for those who travel a lot.

After only one use of the DiamondClean I was a fan. My teeth as clean as they do after a visit to the dentist. For those not use to using an electric toothbrush Philips have cleverly designed the brush to ramp up the intensity of the cleaning cycle progressively after your first few brushes, letting you get used to the brush gradually. While testing out the brush I generally stuck to the default “Clean” setting. In this mode the DiamondClean uses a 2 minute “Smartimer”, automatically switching off after you’ve brushed for the recommended 120 seconds. In addition it will stop the motor for a split-second at 30 second intervals to help you better judge when to move onto a new area in your mouth. It’s a great way of making sure you’ve done a thorough job. After only a few weeks of using the brush I noticed my teeth look notably whiter and my mouth felt fresh.