Review: K-Swiss Classic Hiker

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I need to be completely honest right from the off – I don’t wear hiking boots. Not in a hiking sense, nor an ironic country-in-the-city sense.
As such, it’s taken a little while to find where the the K-Swiss Classic Hiker Highs fit into a city life. This is now clear.

If you’ve ever been skiing or snowboarding you’ll know that it’s a treacherous business negotiating a scenic, snow-coated town in anything less than your ski/snowboard boots or big, deep tread hiking boots. It’s also difficult to find any suitable boots that aren’t painfully bland and unstylish. The same applies to hiking, I would imagine.

The K-Swiss Classic Hiker, however, is the perfect middle ground boot. Granted, I wouldn’t wear them to nip to the shops (unless it was snowing, obviously) but I would wear them around any little Alp town or country retreat and feel the business.

Those opting for trainers to remain fashionable would slip and slide past me, envious of my steady poise and solid grip on the terrain. Those trudging up the hill in their beige, run of the mill hiking boots would be taken aback by the stylish contrast of the rich brown leather upper and contrasting lighter tan K-Swiss stripes.

They’re comfortable, warm, secure, good with baggy jeans or salopettes and very on trend. They aren’t too bulky or wide on the foot, and support for both ankle and arch is fantastic.

I’ve naturally focused here on where I would wear them, but there are of course numerous other occasions where these could be a great shoe. If your journey to the shops would be made better by the attributes above, then wear them to the shops. Don’t let my talk of higher altitude stop you.

In short, a great shoe for the outdoors – be it mountains, hills or if it suits, the High Street.

Guest post by @Alex_Clough