Sponsored video: Shangri-La

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Sponsored by Shangri-La

There’s no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as one’s own. It’s in our nature.

Shangri-La’s new advertising campaign captures what we believe is in our nature: hospitality from the heart.

Explains Bruno Aveillan who directed the advertisement: “It’s a very simple story about a man who gets lost in a snow covered forest and who little by little realises that he is being followed by wolves.

“His fear heightens until the moment when he collapses from exhaustion. And the wolves far from attacking him end up saving him, keeping him warm and welcoming him as if he were a member of the pack.”

Continues Aveillan: “This rather humanist approach interested me because it recalled certain ancestral legends and it’s the sort of thing one doesn’t see much of in advertising.”

For more information on the campaign and on Shangri-La hotels and resorts go here.